Bear and Billet Story

Built in 1664 to replace a building destroyed during the civil war, the Bear and Billet is one of the finest examples of a black and white half timbered buildings in Chester. Originally the town house of the Earls of Shrewsbury, the sergeants of the Bridgegate, the building has served as an inn since the 18th century. It is said that the Earls of Shrewsbury had leased it to an innkeeper on condition that a suite of rooms was always kept available for the Earl and his family. A drawing of 1820 shows it as the Bridgegate Tavern and it is believed to have acquired its present name soon after.

Collectors of obscure Beatles information will be interested to know that John Lennons (and his halfsister Julia Bairds) grandmother, Annie Jane Millward, was born in the Bear and Billet in 1873. The Bear and Billet is said to have several resident ghosts, including an old lady that greets visitors.


The bear and billet is a traditional wood framed and plaster walled public house one of the
few run by okells on mainland UK, it not only sells the lovely okells range but also rotating real sales.
The okells bitter is as cracking as usual and I had a half of a dog star brewery golden ale which was
also well kept and served. Also worth mentioning is the wholesome pub food which is mostly traditional
British, I had a meatball sandwich which was well presented and tasted grand! So its well worth popping
in if your in Chester fancy a nice pint and a bite to eat. The bear and bullet also has free WiFi at time
of writing.

Gavin Hutsby

The Bear and Billet is the place to go if you’re looking for good hearty food in a comfortable setting.
There are good local ales on offer served by welcoming staff. If you’re a football fan then it’s
televised here on the weekend, just be prepared for large crowds during the popular matches.

Great pub, great food, good selection of well kept real ales. Avoid match days
(football and rugby) if you don’t like a busy noisy pub.

My partner plus four family members from Essex called in yesterday for lunch.
The food was lovely all served together which doesn’t happen very often in other places.
Nothing was to much trouble for the 2 lads serving .Well worth a visit.
Thanks for the loan of the phone charger

Jackie Taylor